It is Global Game Jam 2019 entry!

We play as a little black alien who wants to help people in small town. Townsfolks can't get to their houses because of noisy and sly ghosts. Some of them are friendly and they will need his help to be properly fashioned for their date. Other ghosts are really into music and they want to prove him they are the best! Are they really better than our little friend?
There are three 2D games in 3D town! You will not be bored! We promise!
And remember: talk to people - they want to tell about their problems and feelings about their true home. And turn music on!


Game is created in both 3D and 2D. You can find there novel and retro styles!
We created it in group of three poeple:
Maciej Dąbrowski - programming and level design
Klaudia Dobrogojska - programming, graphics (2D) and level design
Bartłomiej Fryszkowski - graphics (3D and 2D), music and sound effects


We created everything in 48 hours, including: code, graphics (3D and 2D) , animations, sounds, music, texts and level design. Simply everything ;-) We didn't use any assets.

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